I am configuring Latex preprocessors for math blogging. The first one I’ve tried is MathJax, which does client-side rendering. It seems slow on my laptop, but it is extremely simple. I got it working in under a half an hour.

I found out about liquid latex from googling, but that website is very difficult to read. Fortunately, they link to the github repo. The repo is MIT Licensed, and the installation instructions direct me to copy liquid_latex.rb to my _plugins directory.

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fgalindo/jekyll-liquid-latex-plugin/master/liquid_latex.rb

One minor point of confusion is that nobody told me that I would have to create my own _plugins directory. From there, the configuration instructions direct me to update my _config.yml. I copied the config information verbatum into my _config.yml. Unfortunately, it didn’t work when I copied in the defaults, but it worked with not config. Strange.

Next, I tried it out: